Stephanie Beeston

Property Representative | 10 Year Gold Service Award

About me

Stephanie, ‘loyal service provider.’

Stephanie fell in love with the Valley 24 years ago when she chose – like many visitors to make the Huon her home.

Steph is one of the most caring people you could come across. Her gentle yet professional manner means she wins friends and influences people with an honesty and integrity that is difficult to match. Her considerate nature means she always acts in the best interests of her clients. Stephs genuine approach to all she meets, equates to confidence and trust by those with whom she has contact. Having had experience in sales for over 34 years, Stephanie brings a wealth of experience in what really matters - finding out the needs of her clients and delivering to them - optimum services.

Her considerate and professional nature means she always acts in the best interests of her clients and will often go above and beyond what is required. Stephanie's genuine approach is what customers have come to know and value.

Stephanie has a soft spot for all things feathered and furry and in her spare time manages a non-profit charity, ‘Maggellies Pets in Need,’ which offers financial support to pets and their owners - something that is very close to her heart.

-- Property Representative (Registered with Property Agents Board)