Complaints and Dispute Resolution Procedure

Homelands Property is committed to handling any complaint or dispute that arises both professionally and fairly.

Complaint and Dispute Resolution Procedure

  1. When a person makes a complaint it is requested that the person put the complaint in writing.
  2. The person whom the complaint relates to, if possible, must respond to the complaint and forward this to the person in effective control within 48 hours.
  3. The person in effective control must, if practical, contact the complainant within 72 hours and advise that the matter will be looked into and a written reply will be sent to the complainant as soon as possible.
  4. If upon receiving the response from the person in effective control, you feel the matter has not been resolved, then a meeting should be sought with that person in effective control.
  5. If the complaint or dispute cannot be resolved or you feel that you have not received an adequate response, you may contact the Property Agents Board for further advice and investigation.
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