Buying with Homelands

If you're buying a property in the Huon Valley, Homelands Property can guide you through the entire real estate process, providing an experience that is seamless and stress free.

We can assist you in:

  • Choosing the right property;
  • Arranging home inspections;
  • Negotiating a contract and ensuring the terms are carried out, and;
  • Attending pre-settlement inspection with you.

We can also provide you with advice on:

  • Market values;
  • Inspection concerns;
  • Terms you may wish to include in an offer;
  • How to handle a situation where there are multiple offers;
  • Factors affecting resale, if you decide to later sell the home

Buying Tips

  1. Complete fieldwork on a property and its location, including proximity to major roads, public transport, shopping or entertainment hubs, schools, etc. Take some time to walk the area, and have a coffee or grab a meal at a local cafe. Remember that it can be worthwhile talking to locals for views on the area, or reading local publications and newspapers for insight.

  2. If you’re already living in the area, take a close look at other properties that go up for sale, to gain an indication of how the market is doing. Searching for sold prices may help you with this.

  3. Narrow down the number of homes you wish to inspect, by making a list of what you want in a property. This may include number of bedrooms, or backyard size. You may wish to avoid viewing properties that don't meet most of your requirements, unless you are prepared to spend money changing them.

  4. Take time at property inspections, and take a list of practical things to check - such as fridge space dimensions, number of power points, cracks, water staining on ceilings, etc.

  5. Be prepared with adequate savings for a deposit, and pre-approved finance. This provides you with confidence at negotiations, and you will know how much you can spend. Sellers view buyers with pre-approved finance as more attractive. Using a mortgage broker for this step will also help ensure you have the right home loan for your needs.

  6. Identify additional expenses that you may incur outside of mortgage insurance and stamp duty. There can be ongoing maintenance costs, land tax, council rates, home insurance and strata fees, etc. Knowing about these can help you know how much to budget in addition to mortgage repayments.

  7. Do some research on a solicitor or conveyancer, ready for when you put a contract on a property. They have the expertise to ensure the property is transferred to your ownership. Your agent should be able to suggest a reliable contact if you prefer.

  8. Have a building inspection completed, so you have insight into the property condition, and knowledge on if you can expect to incur expenses in the short or long term.

  9. Complete a pre-settlement inspection, so you are sure the property is being left to you as agreed in the contract.

  10. Last, but not least, take the time to speak to one of our staff members. We can provide you with insight on what's happening in the market, and you can register for our property alerts and be notified as we list properties that meet your requirements.