Emergency Repairs

Urgent and emergency repairs are defined as those that could cause further damage to the property and/or injury to a person. They may include:

  • Water pipes that have broken or burst, blocked or broken toilet
  • Serious roof leak, gas leak or dangerous electrical fault
  • Serious flood, storm, fire or impact damage
  • Failure or breakdown of an essential service, such as hot water or oven
  • Fault or damage that makes premises unsafe or insecure and could injure a person

Should an emergency repair be required after hours then you need to contact us as soon as possible. Please note after office hours, you may be requested to text the details of the emergency as phone calls may be screened. If you cannot reach us for guidance, please contact an emergency tradesperson from this list, then advise the office in writing at [email protected].

In all emergencies where the property is at risk of destruction (such as fire), your well being is threatened (such as a burglary), or you require hospitalization (such as a serious injury), call 000 immediately for assistance. (Any minor injuries, even should they seem inconsequential, should be reported to our office, and medical attention sought.)

Preferred Tradespeople:


Huon Plumbing - 0417 547 265
Steve Davis - 0407 321 262
Award Plumbing - 0422 570 252
Overeem - 6239 3999 (Kingston / Hobart)
Howrah Plumbing - 6244 7022 (Kingston / Hobart)


Pete Madson Plumbing - 0417367571
Overeem - 6239 3999
Award Plumbing - 0422 570 252


Robbie Griggs Electrical - 0418 122 986
Wilcox Electrical - 0418 951 466
Brereton Electrical - 0419 046 127
Scott Steel - 0417 312 153
G&D Woolnough Electrical - 0418 512 973
Greater Huon Electrical - 0424 403 617
Alpha Electrics - 6229 1027 (Kingston / Hobart)

Water Cartage

Cygnet Water Cartage - 0417 121 832
Steve Davis - 0407 321 262


Silverfern Handyman and Garden Maintenance - 0404 795 749
B + T Glazing - 6264 2511 or 0408 316 127
Cygnet Glass - 6295 0149 or 0409 218 510
Argyle Carpet Cleaning - 0417 477 182
Kingston Locksmiths - 0417 035 379

If the required tradesperson on this list is unavailable, the tenant is authorised to arrange another repairer, but they must be licensed and insured.

Troubleshooting Guide

Hot Water Systems, Tap Washers, and Leaking Pipes

  • Is the power switched on?
  • Has the power box tripped the safety switch or blown a fuse?

If your property has an electric or gas storage hot water system and the system leaks or burst, there is an inlet tap attached to the hot water system which will turn off the water supply.

In respect of cold water, in most cases, there is a control tap outside the premises, which can turn off all water to the property until repaired – such as at the water tank, or the water meter.

Please note: It can be worthwhile familiarising yourself with these tap locations early in your tenancy.


  • Has the power box tripped the safety switch or blown a fuse?
  • If the safety switch has been tripped, attempt a reset. If it trips again you will need to unplug all appliances from the power points. Reset the switch and re-plug each of the items in one at a time to identify what is causing the problem.

Please note: If an electrician is called out to a property and it is discovered that a faulty appliance is the cause, you will be responsible for the call out fee.


  • Has the power box tripped the safety switch or blown a fuse?

Air Conditioner

  • Has the power box tripped the safety switch or blown a fuse?
  • Have you cleaned the filter?
  • Is it a cold and frosty morning? (The unit may need to defrost.)

Blocked Drains

  • Have you cleared the drain of any hair and soap build up?
  • Have you tried using a plunger?
  • Have you tried clearing the drains with specific cleaning agents for drains?