Selling – pitfalls to avoid

Most people find the venture of selling their home a mix of business vs emotion.

But there are a few important tips to keep in mind when placing your property on the market for sale. Some of these relate to the business side and some relate to feelings.
These tips may sound unusual – but they come from the experience of others who have learned the hard way. This list comes from other clients who have come to us and said…………if only we had known……..

To overcome common mistakes that we suggest you avoid.
1. Don’t list with the agent who gives you an overinflated price. The old saying, if something sounds too good to be true then it probably is will almost always apply. Instead ask your friends, look in the sold section on Real in your area, work out which agents are proving their record not just making unfounded promises.

2. Don’t be afraid to test the market. Be comfortable with understanding the price you wish to achieve for your property and the process involved in achieving that price. This is best achieved by open discussion with your sales consultant. Placing your property on the market for sale will enable you to evaluate the interest in you particular type of property at any given time. Being fresh on the market will often mean that interest levels will peak and will help you assess what the likely outcome will be.

3. An early offer should not be a turn off. Sometimes a seller may receive an offer early in the listing period. Often the seller will decline that offer by suddenly thinking that “if someone is prepared to make an offer this soon then maybe I’ll get more for my property so I will just wait.” Unfortunately this sort of seller will usually live to regret such decisions. An agent will not force or recommend the seller to accept an early offer but at the same time would not wish to see months go by and the property sell for lower than the original offer. An agent’s responsibility is to get the seller the best price possible and sometimes this is in the first few weeks, remarkably.

4. Don’t be afraid of technology. Emarketing is a specialist area that agents at Homelands understand and recommend every time. Why? Because it works. We know from industry statistics and many studies conducted that a huge proportion of purchasers are using electronic media to search for, compare and shortlist properties to inspect and then purchase. Spending a little extra on upgrading your property listing can go a long way to expanding the audience of purchasers who are searching.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions. Keeping communication open between you and your agent is a great way to keep tabs on the market, to assess your property interest and progress and to keep you personally informed. Your consultant loves to answer any questions you may have and is there for you to meet with and ask any time. Your agent sells property every day. You may only sell once in a life time so there are bound to be questions you may have. This is all part of the process and will keep you informed and educated.

6. Don’t be a distraction to your purchaser. Boxing up your extra bits and pieces, removing posters from the wall, a general de-clutter is necessary to allow the purchaser to see the home without distraction. And make sure you are not at home when the purchaser goes thru with the agent. If you are tempted to peer around the corner to see what they are thinking, then best to go for a walk or drive around the block a few times. The last thing you want to do is appear over anxious to your purchaser.