First Impressions Count

You can’t make a first impression twice!

Presenting your property in the best possible way is one of the ways you can assist in the sale of your home.


When a potential purchaser first arrives at your property what will they see? Think about what will be attractive and what may be unattractive. Your basic to do list may include a tidy of your garden, ie mow the lawn, give your facade a fresh coat of paint, fix the fence etc to make your home look as welcoming as possible.

Tips for your entrance

The entry door to your home is where the next impression can be made. This area needs to look inviting and homely. Add some pot plants, put out a nice welcome mat and clean your front door to ensure it looks its best and is inviting.

Spring clean

Even when it is not spring your home may benefit from a de-clutter for initial photos and while it is on the market for sale. This can make a smaller home feel larger and eliminates distractions so that prospective buyers can focus on the house and imagine their own possessions inside rather than yours. Remove appliances from kitchen benchtops, minimise knick knacks, tidy bookshelves and store unnecessary furniture if you are able.

Seasonal Preparation
In winter have the heating going and lights on ready to receive your potential purchaser. Create an ambience that will leave a lasting effect. In summer clean all blinds and windows and allow the fresh natural light to lift your living spaces and illumitate your home. Lamps and candles can also be a welcoming effect that you may wish to consider.

Dining Area
Think about how you would present your dining area if you were expecting visitors. Sometimes having fresh flowers, place settings and even music playing can be a great way to invite the prospective purchaser to see another side of the potential of your home and what it has to offer.

Mmmmm Smells good

All of the senses are stimulated when inspecting a home for sale. Each home has its own feel, its own look and its own smell! You can keep your home smelling fresh by keeping it well ventilated, let some fresh air through, keep the house clean and free from pet, garbage, smoking or strong flavoured food smells. Air fresheners and scented candles (lightly scented) may also assist.

Bathroom and Bedroom

Keep these normally private spaces looking as tidy as possible by using matching bed linen and matching towels where possible. De clutter these spaces as well and remove posters from walls (if your teenagers will allow) and put the washing baskets behind the door or out of sight. Thinking ‘less is more’ will allow your purchaser to feel more comfortable and less intrusive and thus enjoy their inspection all the more.


When you finish preparing your home for market, try and sum it up in one or two words. This will give you an overall assessment as to what the purchaser will think too. If you come up with descriptive words such as, “inviting”, “immaculate”, “beautiful”, “impressive” or “delightful” for example then you have succeeded. Your home is ready to sell at its optimum. Rembember to achieve the best price possible for your property its presentation can be a determining factor,