Congratulations Homelands!

Congratulations to the Homelands sales team who, thru hard work and dedication sold over 50% of all houses in the Huon Valley region in the March quarter!
“I understand the market across Tasmania has had a change of season recently” said Louella Jury – Director of Homelands Property “We are grateful to have such a professional and knowledgeable group of staff who go the extra mile to assist purchasers and achieve results”.
The March quarter saw a fall in the number of sales in the Valley compared to the same period last year which has prompted many a disucssion about the status of the market and where it may be headed in the near future. Promising signs of steady house sales in subsequent months of April and May from the Homelands team has given vendors the encouragement needed to continue to offer their property for sale.
The suburb of Huonville reported a median house price growth to $320,000 as published in the Mercury News Paper. But one must still compare apples with apples to really understand how much a property is worth.
Sale prices from the Homelands office are steady with the list to sell price generally having an extremely low variance. All these factors combine to assure us that the housing market in the Huon Valley is still vibrant and extremely interesting to be a part of.
Homelands Property assisted over half of all purchasers of homes in Jan, Feb and March 2011 to find their dream property. Why not let Homelands help you!

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