History of the Huon Valley

The Huon river was once the transport Hub of the Huon Valley. Shipping imports and exports to and from the Franklin township settlement seems to be forever ago, but was only quite recent in the grand scheme of the Huon’s history. The history of the Huon Valley is a story of courage and survival. The people that make up our community descend from all places on the globe and have chosen to call the beautiful Huon Valley home. Some have been here for countless generations and our indigenous centres in Cygnet and Oyster Cover provide a living reminder of that important part of our history. Our school children at the commencement of assembly recognise that they are standing on the ground of the traditional land owners and mention each tribe by name.
The southern end of the valley near Cockle Creek has stories of French explorers of a time gone by with relics and memories of exploration which mirror those of the Cook expedition. Some residents are convict descendents from the Penal Settlement at Port Arthur and others who have moved here to start a new life for their families. Generations of families have kept the Huon Valley buzzing with industry, hard work, sweat, tears and triumph. Many people once found employment in Timber industry and primary production such as apples which the valley is famous for.
Today the wine industry, aquaculture industry and small fruits such as blueberries and cherries have evolved to be a major employer along with tourism.
Many a tourist has fallen trap to the romance and beauty of Southern Tasmania and now call it home too.

For detailed information on the history of the Huon and Southern Tasmania please see www.huonvalley.tas.gov.au