About Us

Winsome and Chris Duggan, Louella and Steve Jury are the family team of Directors at Homelands Property.

The Duggan family has been a part of the Huon Valley for generations, living and working in the region thru small business and community involvement. Chris, Win, Steve and Louella use their varying talents to the best of their ability. Chris and Steve focus on listing and selling property, while Louella and Winsome focus on property marketing and running of the general business. Together with their team of experienced, professional staff, the directors of Homelands Property are committed and dedicated to every aspect of the business and providing an excellent level of service to every client.

Chris has had an outstanding career in property sales for over 12 years and has sold well over 1000 properties during that time. It is no surprise that he is well known and trusted by our local community and that people wanting to sell or buy property know where to go to get the help they need. Steve also commenced his career in real estate many years ago and has had outstanding career growth. Having specialied previously in the Kingborough area and the Huon Valley, he is well aware of client needs, market trends and gives quality marketing advice. Steve works in conjunction with colleage Stephanie Beeston to list and sell in the Huon Valley and surrounds. Stephanie has expert social and emotional skills and offers support to all of her clients who trust her impecibly and will readily recommend her as their preferred sales consultant. The team at Homelands offers a mix of experienced, dynamic consultants who understand the area and the property market. Together with support staff who are all qualified sales consultants, Winsome, Kelly, Ben and Louella each assist in various ways when needed to complete the sales unit at Homelands.

Homelands is dedicated to superior customer service with effective results every time. Family owned and operated by experienced staff who understand the area, its places, its history and its people.
Homelands Property has built a solid reputation from director experience of over 17 years in the industry.

Homelands Property is committed to getting the job done and preserving the priveliged relationship between client, property and agent that exists in each transaction. That is why the slogan for Homelands is synominous with our attitude and service level. One Wish. One House. YOUR Home.

At Homelands its all about you and where you want to call home. Whether your wish is based around; Building memories. Creating futures. Contributing to community. Lifestyle change. Self sufficient living. Sea or Tree Change. Retirement or starting out.

The staff at Homelands care about what you say about them before, during and after the sale or purchase of your property. This means that the staff focus on you and how they can assist and adapt to what you really want.

The name Homelands its self comes from a part of our own heritage in the Huon Valley. One of the original family’s to settle in the valley (the Nations) called their historic homestead the heart felt name of “homelands”. The homelands estate is one that has rested in the beautiful pastures on the outskirts of Huonville for many years. I am sure the home has many a story to tell. If walls could speak the history and moments of a time gone by would tell of babies born, of pioneers passing, of industry commencing such as timber and apples, raspberries and fisheries, to community icons of artists and sportsmen, journalists and musicians, of farmlets and beach picnics of markets and roads and bridges being established. Those walls would tell us about the creation of the valley as we know it today. Full of an eclectic range of people, places, hidden corners and ends of laneways, stately homes and humble cottages, new developments and colonial farmlands. Views as far as the eye can see and neighbourhoods of parks, schools and sporting facilites to suit every family need.

Our office is located centrally in the main township of Huonville just 25minute drive from the CBD Hobart.

Homelands is your property specialist in the region and wishes you a warm welcome as you discover this hidden part of southern Tasmania and invite you to call it part of your own homeland.

To find out more about each township in the region please go to the LINKS tab on our website or follow the links to further information about the area we call home.

www.huontrail.org.au www.huonvalley.tas.gov.au